netaddr is written and maintained by David P. D. Moss

It is released under the BSD License.

Many people further contributed to netaddr by reporting problems, suggesting various improvements or submitting actual code. Here is a list of these people (in alphabetical order). Help me keep it complete and free of errors.

Vincent Bernat <bernat AT>

Sebastien Douche <sdouche AT>

John Eckersberg <john DOT eckersberg AT>

Yi-Jheng Lin <yzlin AT>

Clay McClure <clay AT>

Duncan McGreggor <duncan DOT mcgreggor AT>

Stefan Nordhausen <stefan DOT nordhausen AT>

Brian F. Peters <brianfpeters AT>

James William Pye <jwp AT>

Chaitan Rogers <chaitan DOT rogers AT>

Victor Stinner <victor DOT stinner AT>

Andrew Stromnov <stromnov AT>

Thanks to everyone on the netaddr mailing list, those who raised bug reports and to all those who have, directly and indirectly, guided and influenced the development and distribution of this library.

Thanks also for the use of the following code contributions :-

  1. Python Cookbook recipe 18.11: “Formatting Integers as Binary Strings”

    Python Cookbook 2d ed. (O’Reilly Media 2005) ISBN 0596-00797-3 Alex Martelli, Anna Martelli Ravenscroft and David Ascher

  2. ASPN Cookbook Recipe 466286: “Integer set type” by Heiko Wundram

And last but not least, thanks to Guido van Rossum for his encouraging words and for giving us all Python.